in light / in silence / in writing

from by Wes Braver

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Sonia is the singer
She is the subject of Raskolnikov’s love, and Dostoevsky’s
She is the proverbial blast from the proverbial past
She is your widow, and in that way you suppose you gave her an identity
Endowed by her creator with certain alien perfection
Her flaws and flavor airbrushed away by fiction
She is, in a person, a sort of allegorical morality
But she is also a person. A person you left in paradise.

In your absence she does not burn you in effigy
Or in eulogy
She understands that illusions belong not to the illusionist but to the eluded
And movement not to the movers but to the moved
She is cleaning the house
She is trying to check her phone less often
The National Security Agency is trying to check it more
With her metadata they glean she is an artist
Or “prostitute,” in the Russian
She continues cleaning the house
She tries to make some art
Like God, she knows creation is its own company
But who gets the axiom?
Alone, she is without an audience
No blame, no victim
No claim of “I don’t get it,” you never did, she knew how to pick ‘em, her victims
And she knows the bite belongs not to the spider but to the bitten hand that feeds her
And writing not to the writer but to the written and the reader

She misses writing with you
Not literally, not literarily
To you both, “writing” has gained a pre-intelligent meaning: it is:
To play
To jam
To spar
To rhyme
A new dead language of memory and prophecy
It is muddled in the profound but it
Sounds like harmony
It is blowing your own whistle
A lifeguard telling solipsism to walk, not run
A conversation done in light and in silence
It is a consonance of bodies flaunted before dissonant futures
You both miss it.
So in light and in silence, she joins you in Moscow.
In writing, you share a warm rain, falling from open, cloudless skies.


from METADATA, released August 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Wes Braver Brooklyn, New York

Wes Braver is a musical theatre writer and performer, electronic music producer, and film composer from Washington, D.C., now based in Brooklyn, NY. He has written three original musicals, "Time's Square 2090," "Hear No Evil in the Year 2090," and "Galapago." "METADATA" is his debut album. ... more

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