in light / in silence / in exile

from by Wes Braver

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No matter the context
It is never a good thing when your lawyer
Lends you his copy of Crime and Punishment
You sought limbo
Not heaven.
Not hell.
An indefinite layover.
You bought limbo
So the Big Mac doesn’t taste
American. Or even Russian
It tastes like an airport
You look up at food court TVs as they
Debate: Snowden: HERO or TRAITOR?
They discuss your metadata; who you talked to when
But the metadata is all they have
They would need the content of your character to see you are neither

Because a smarter martyr would not have led Five Eyes where you fled
Lies have proven themselves wieldy to those who hate Communists.
Claustrophobic in their icy echo chambers
Where the Cold War never thawed
They mistake digital literacy with spyhood.
But you said, when you fled, that you were of no opinion
You said, consider me dead
Make up your own minds about eating this bread I killed myself to feed you
That is some ambitious ambivalence, son.
You traded public support for self-preservation
But the smarter martyr does not barter
You see your ideals as congealed
But perhaps this act is just your debut, that you will look back on as juvenilia
You still have that precocious mentality
You define yourself against the “mediocracy”

The media and the mediocre
But in light of the fourth estate
The fourth amendment silently boarded a flight home when
You broke the fourth wall government has with its people.
So, welcome to the exile of the audience.

The book your lawyer gave you is
Huge, a chasm
You explore its metadata
Glossaried tidbits begin to inform
Your misinterpretation:
Raskolnikov, from the Rooskie, Raskol, means “schism.”

Put the book down. Keep running the terminal.
If nothing else, to stay fit.
Keep running, detain yourself against the wrong tide of the moving walkways
Keep running from Langley
Keep running Siberian lengths, encrypt your lungs against betrayal.
Get a wire up on God, who, like the surveillance state, has a wire up on you.
Request asylum with the pawnbrokers of the world.
Even purgatory can have progress.
Your consumptive lover, cries on cable
You call her your connect, but you still haven’t called her
In light, you broke a window, you composed a violent transparency
In silence, you watch the world watch you
In exile, you will read the book your lawyer gave you, and find out who really gets the axe


from METADATA, released August 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Wes Braver Brooklyn, New York

Wes Braver is a musical theatre writer and performer, electronic music producer, and film composer from Washington, D.C., now based in Brooklyn, NY. He has written three original musicals, "Time's Square 2090," "Hear No Evil in the Year 2090," and "Galapago." "METADATA" is his debut album. ... more

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